Lead Software Developer (Full-stack)

Job description

Do you want to be the Lead Developer of a growing team of highly intelligent software developers, learning and collaborating together to build something amazing that will delight our users?

Location: Isle of Man, British Isles (UK)

Who is this for? This role is suitable for those seeking full-time employment at Symless in the Isle of Man, British Isles (UK). For those willing to relocate, we're offering a competitive salary, as well as a sign-on bonus. We also provide visa sponsorship and pay all relocation costs. If you are looking to lead a team and still be hands-on, this is your perfect job.

About Symless and Synergy: Our mission is to help people use multiple computers together in one seamless and cohesive experience. Since 2012, Symless has proudly developed Synergy, an app that shares one mouse, one keyboard, and one clipboard between multiple computers. As well as having over 2 million users worldwide, our product is regularly featured on top tech channels like Linus Tech Tips, a channel with over 6.7 million viewers. It's also used at some pretty neat companies like Apple, Pixar, Disney, Google, Amazon, and many more. That said, we're actually a very small company of 10 people, so you won't let lost in the crowd.

What about the role? Your role will be to work alongside our CEO/CTO to build the next generation of our flagship product, leading the development of core-components, user interfaces for our desktop apps, e-commerce website, and our cloud infrastructure. You'll be leading a team of highly intelligent software developers, learning and collaborating together to build something amazing that will delight our users. As well as being hand-on with development, you will be line managing two developers, where the team size will eventually grow to eight developers (we expect within 2 years). Your project management skills will be essential to making sure your team is making the right thing, as well as making the thing right.

Responsibilities: Here are a few things you'll be doing...

  • Line-manage a team of developers
  • Get results from objectives and goals
  • Maintain high team member retention
  • Build trust and strong communication
  • Delegate effectively to team members
  • Lead agile project management
  • Build intuitive user-facing interfaces
  • Maintain low-level system components
  • Contribute to our open-source projects
  • Share your ideas with the whole team
  • Try out new technologies and innovate
  • Code using test-driven-development
  • Testing your own code thoroughly
  • Ensure that your team engages on our forums
  • Delegate escalated support tickets to the team
  • Learn from 20 years of development experience


We'll need you to have academic or professional experience with:

  • Some people/line management experience (at least 1 direct report)
  • Project management experience optional (Agile is a big plus)
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Professional full-stack development:
    • C++, C#, or Java
    • Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, or Python
    • Strong UX design principles
  • Memory management experience
  • Ability to maintain and develop code style

    Development experience on at least two of these OS:

    • Windows
    • macOS
    • Linux

    It would also be nice if you had some experience with:

    • PHP/Laravel (we have some legacy systems)
    • Linux server experience (we host our apps on Linux)
    • Wayland development experience
    • Objective-C & Cocoa/Carbon APIs
    • Linux X Window System API/library
    • Windows/Win32 API/library

    (Psssst... You don't need to tick all the boxes to apply 😉)